Sunday, January 3, 2010


We just got back from Georgia, 1900 miles in 2 days from 51 degrees to -9. and one heck of a good time!!!! It started out as a road trip to pick up one hell of a cool digger, but that was just a small part of what was to come, First off we were detoured around the mountain because of ice( hell we have been living on ice for the past 2 months) but ok a 3 hour trip down the TAIL OF THE DRAGON with speedy Al at the wheel(Google it for you all who don,t know what it is) after crapping my pants it was on our way to pick up the bike , We get to a small town in north east Georgia and meet with Sunshine and Rascal two of the coooolest people that I have ever met!!!!!!.Sunshine made us one hell of a southern home cooked meal as we sipped some of the smoothest Georgia moonshine with Rascal talking Motorcycles ,tattoos,hotrods,and life.We were having such a good time we almost forgot what we drove 1000 miles for.That old digger just took second place to hanging out in the tattoo shop with some real down to earth people who have lived a life that most of us dream about!!! Little did we know that finding one hell of a old harley would also find us all one hell of a good time with two great people!!!!!!

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