Monday, March 8, 2010

Our hard work paid off

I am totally honored to have won the VOODOO KINGS CHOICE award. It has got to be the Coolest trophy of not only the night but of all time. Not only is it a trophy but a peice of art. It was so cool to see these dudes with million $$$ cars getting these gay little plaques with no charecter at all then I get this giant 4.5 feet trophy for a car that has less money in it than most of the "show cars" tiers. I couldn't be more excited about my first trophy. It totally Rules it didnt even fit in the car I had lay it across the back seat. And it has action to it. the head and arms move with a spring balanced with gears on the inside. Another bonus was I was bidding on Voodoo Larrys pinstriping all weekend in the art auction and getting out bid but now I have it on my trophy. Thank you Larry, Susan, Shawn and the rest of the Voodoo Kings.


  1. Congrats man, Damn proud of you.

  2. oh wow! that's super cool and you deserved the awesome trophy 8)