Thursday, September 3, 2009


Here is just a taste of the cool scale rides that mario has been working on. Mario used to paint full sized cars but was busted for doing painting in his own garage and has had to stop painting cards and building customes do to haveing a city inspector for a neighbor. S now Mario builds all his dream kustoms and lowriders in 1/25 scale. The cool thing about this is he creats some wild stuff. His cars are first class and he has been featuerd in 18 magazines and countless shows and papers and websights. His personal musium is full of what he has done over the years and his walls are littered with clippings of his work. here are a few of his scale rods.

1 comment:

  1. i have been building/customizing models since i was a kid....
    But never in my life have is seen such beutiful and articulate work to a model before.
    i would seriously buy a roundtrip plane ticket just to visit this dood and be able to see his work/collection with my own eyes.