Thursday, September 3, 2009


I went buy my guy Marios house today and snapped some great pics of him and his cool models hes like the Barris of models man. But here are some pictures of his shoebox "Outer Limits" these are some old pictuers of the car I hope to get some new pics of his ride tomorrow. His kustom is the car that really inspired me growing up I remember being mezmerized by that car as a kid. It was one of the three main cars that are respondsible for me being the car adict that I am today. I always wanted to ride in that car as a kid but then I didnt see it for years. I was then given the great honor of meating Mario and his car outer limits through my good friend Dan he was Marios neighbor and he took me by Marios to pinstripe his car. The outer limits was the first car that wasnt mine that I pinstriped and it was really great that mario let me a beginner striper go at his car with some paint. When I was done stripeing his car he took me and DSan for a ride in it and I thought man I am gonna get me a chjopped shoebox one day and well now I got one. And its flamed like the one that inspired me growing up thanks Mario.

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