Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today my dads coming home from the doctor and is stopped in the middle of archer ave. at 1:oo in the afternoon, there is an all out gang fight in the middle of the street, gang bangers beating each other with bricks and sticks, 137 murders in the city, my dads shed has bullet holes in it ,his car was shot last year in the middle of a shoot out in front of his house(one shot 5 times the other shot 2 times, pops gas tank once),so he decides to move to georgia with my sister( after living in the same house 51 years) a realator stops by today and tells him his house is worth less than half it was worth 3 years ago and THERES AN EXIT TAX TO LEAVE THE CITY!!! 3% for evey $1,000!!! you have to pay this asshole to leave this shit hole of a city. now I read in the suntimes(in the sports section) that the asshole passed a new ordinance that if you leave your diesel truck idling for more than 3 min. you will get a $250.00 ticket.HOW ABOUT THIS ASSHOLE MAYOR, HAVE THE POLICE STOP THE GANG BANGING LITTLE PRICKS FROM KILLING INOCENT PEOPLE AND RUNNING PEOPLE OUT OF THERE HOMES INSTED OF WORRING ABOUT SOME POOR GUY TRYING TO MAKE A LIVINGS DIESEL TRUCK FUMES. ok i,m done!!! back to choppers and hotrods

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