Saturday, May 1, 2010

The stupid city ordences

So I guss I will agree with the other post about the city and some of the stupid ordnance's they pass.Last Year Carpentersville Il passed a ordnance that if your truck can haul or has a gvw over 10000bs you cant store or park it on your own property .So I own a 06 Dullie and it has a gvw of 11400 and it is my only vehicle and they told me either get rid of it or park it at a gas station or at a commercial lot or I will be ticketed and fined 150.00 . Know when I moved there three years ago and I got a welcome to our town packet and had to get a Vehicle sticker they had nothing to say about this and I asked about this and also about trailers and the lady said everything is fine .Know the stupid councilmen of the town voted to ban parking of this type of Veh in the town So if you own a truck or a SUV such as a Hummer you cant park it or store it at your own house even if it is not a commercial vehicle .I thought we lived in a free country NOT there are these stupid types of ordnance's all over and they are made up and enforced by the councilman of the town and they don't let the public know about them until they become a law and start to enforce them I think it should be up to the towns people to vote on stuff like this there are a lot people in towns that work hard for the things they have and then all of a sudden you are told you can't have a Veh you have had for the past four years ,I think it Sucks and the funny thing is I have talked to four other people with same trucks and only myself and another guy have gotten a ticket .I went to court and know it is going to a trail and the town is spending more money the supposedly don't have but because I can haul more then they want with my truck I cant have it and the funny thing is it only weighs 60 pounds more than a Suburban or a Ford expedition.I just don't get it ?Considering all of the roads in the state are suposidly made to be able to handle over 20000lbs.

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