Sunday, November 7, 2010

made a trip to buzz'z

well I made mario and myself made a trip up to buzz'z house on saturday! It was a pretty nice 100 Mile Kruise up there then we met up with Josh and did some go cart raceing until i flipped my cart! lol then Josh decided to work a little of his magic with the camera! His skills are insane! Then I hung out the back of Buzz'z Durango going about 70mph to get some shot of josh on his wicked PanShovel! It was a total blast! Then I made the little over a 100 mile trip home with the ford to drop off Mario then hopped back in the ford to run all the way back out to coal city! I love to Kruise in the "GOLD MINE"


  1. Todds son Conner gave your car a new name the "SNOTROD" (HES ONLY 3)

  2. lol hahahahahaha thats awesome