Monday, November 22, 2010

this weekend

well I headed up to see buzz and josh this weekend! I hauled my bike over to see if they could help me solve my clutch problem! then we headed to joshs to make a wall then I picked up some full throttles and drove buzz to the city to pick up his dad jeep at 2am hope you had a goo ride home man lol


  1. 3;21 am ,just got in !! thank the lord for crack!!!took a little nap on I88 woke up and I was almost home!!!! (fun fact) they put a curve in the road every 5 miles on the interstate so that you stay alert when driving, I don't think the tail of the dragon would have keept me up tonight!!!!!! fun times!!!

  2. hahahahahahaha thats to funny man I went to bed around 3:30 hahaha