Friday, July 24, 2009


The year is around 1963 and a couple of my uncles and Ron Fout have been racing for a few years now, So they decide to team up and build a blown injected hemi 41 willys ,they build one hell of a car and run it until about 1969 , then sell it , the hemi goes and a big block chevy is put in, it is seen a couple of times at the world of wheels sporting the name night prowler on the door, then it drops out of site , recently Chris posts a responce on one of Jesse James posts on the H.A.M.B., and that sets the wheels in motion and wallllaaaa the car is here in Rocford , I call Ron and we go out to see it . Now he built this car in 1963 and it is almost the same way it was back in 63, it has the same interior , the same old cracked lacqure paint same olds rear end, same blue windows, The guy who owns it now is one of the coolest dudes you can ever meet, we spent hours in his garage ,Ron brought some old 8 mm movies of the car, and Bill talked about how the car runs now!! ( O did I mention that this old steel willys gasser still runs in the 10,s) There is a lot more to this storie and the people behind it ,i will try to tell bits and pieces in the future.

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