Thursday, July 23, 2009

Mike T Bucket

Sorry for useing the pics josh but its only till we bet some of our own pics

Mike T Bucket

Here is Mike T bucket that he picked up about 15 years ago I was only a little kid(6yrs old or so) then but that was one of the cars that got me into hot rods and kustoms today. I just started painting last year but have gotten pretty decent at it. Mike(Buzz) gave me the great honor of painting the car. Buzz preped the car and did the silver base coat then we both did the flake on it an got covered with silver and gold snow. then I knocked out the paint work in around 15 hours non stop the next weekend. Now a little about the car the car is a glass body T from the 70's and is sitting on an old race frame the Buzz did a ton of work to probably more than he would care to mention. The Hemi is out of Buzz'z old car that he had and the intake is a swap find that was given to our good friend Fat Jack he is killer with old carbs he did all six of the old Stronburg 97's there is a lot more to this car but Buzz could let you all in on that later. Here are some pics of the paint

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