Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chapter one

It started out as a lonely old 49 ford sitting in Mr. Wilsons garage, only putting a few miles on it in the 19 years that he owned her, He had purchased her from the original owners son , A Postal worker from the old Post Office in River Grove ILL. The old Ford sat in Mr. Wilsons heated garage only to be driven around the block a few times a year.Mr Wilson finally realizes that he is getting way to old to do anything with her and decides to let her go,He decides to sell her to someone who can restore her to her original virgin begining!Now here is where the story goes bad! Along comes Chris , He tells poor old Mr. Wilson that he is a collector of original old Fords, So the poor old man cuts the Kid a super deal on his baby thinking that his dream car is finally going to get the attention it deserves!! O BOY!!! The Kid gets the thing home and RAPES that poor inocent car!! He takes a SAWZALL to the roof and wacks 5 inches off its top, cuts her eye balls out and installs some out of a 40 ford,heats up the front springs till they shrink about 3 inches, jams some steel blocks in her rear, rips the life out from under the hood and installs two carbs( I guess he thinks gas is still 49 cents a gallon)the poor 49 don't know what hit her! Mr. Wilson is just sick puking his guts out, his old 49 looking like a little old lady that just came from church now looks like a cheap HOOKER with all it flashy glitter and pearls !! But the KID don't care, she is his girl now and he will pimp her however he wants

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